International award for video documentary | Söndag 21 10

The Fifth International Women's Congress; Work and Health; the Fifth
Hispanic-American Independent Video Documentary Encounter;
All Voices Against Silence and La Jornada newspaper

Invite all video artists worldwide to participate by submitting their
work to the contest

The International Award for video documentary:
"Woman and Work"

The central theme of the participating documentaries should be women's
work and deal with one or more of the following themes:

-Migration: instability and inequality.
-Work organization: working conditions, work loads, shifts, and other
factors that risk the integrity, health and well being of women
-Labor health: work aspects that determine the health and/or sickness of women
-Unpaid labor: unsalaried work in which women participate such as
domestic, voluntary, care provision or forced labor.
- Organized social responses to labor problems or working conditions
as they affect health.

The jury will award one grand prize of $5000 US

or at the following phone numbers in Mexico City:
(52-55) 56 06 73 76 and 55 28 07 97
Fax: (52-55) 55 28 07 97

Submission forms and rules can be found at
in the section titled 'Special Prize, Women and Work'